Thursday, January 14, 2010

Running Multiple Instances of Yahoo Messenger in one PC

Simply launch the registry editor (type regedit at Run command), and navigate to the following registry branch:


Then, on the right pane, right click on the registry editor and select “New”, then create a new DWORD registry value. Name the new registry key as Plural, and assign it the value of 1 (decimal). If some case, the value of 2 should also works. To disable or disallow multiple instance of Yahoo Messengers, simply change and set the “Plural” registry key’s value to 0, or delete the “Plural” key.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Add Digg It Button to Blogger Post

I found this interesting article here... and it might be of help....

Add digg button to Blogger

Friday, January 1, 2010

How to view banned ImageShack images!!

Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape Users:
1) Open the URL about:config.
2) Scroll down to network.http.sendRefererHeader.
3) Set value to 0.


1) Browse to Download the RefControl extension
3) Restart Firefox in order to install the extension
4) Go to "Tools" and select "RefControl Options..."
5) Click on "add site" and insert
6) Choose "Block - send no refferer"

note: If you still can't see the images, clear your Firefox cache:

1) Go to "Tools"
2) Select "Options"
3) Click on "Privacy"
4) Click on "Cache"
5) Press "Clear Cache Now"

Opera Users:
1) Go to "Tools"
2) Select "Quick Preferences"
3) Untick the "Enable refer logging" option


1) Press F12
2) Untick the "Enable refer logging" option

Internet Explorer Users:
1) Go to:
2) Download FireFox
3) Install FireFox
4) Follow FireFox instructions above